Primary: Shoulders, Back, Neck (deltoideus, erector spinae, rhomboideus, trapezius)
Secondary: Arms, Abs (triceps, abdomini)

The Reverse Fly is one of the basic exercises of the shoulder workout. This exercise is great to strengthen the shoulder and neck area.

Variosling-PT-Reverse-Fly-Stehend-1-web Variosling-PT-Reverse-Fly-Stehend-2-web
Sling Training Rückenübung

Starting Position

Start in a light step position with your body facing the suspension. The outer foot is put slightly forward. The arm is stretched to the front and parallel to the ground.

The PT stands next to the trainee‘s exercising arm. He holds the rotate tense with the arm close to the body.


Guide your stretched arm to the side and as far backward as possible. Thereby the shoulder blade is pulled to the spine. The upper body remains straight and the chest faces the suspension.

The PT stretches the arm away from the body to yield to the tension. He bends his arm to guide the trainee back to the starting position.


Care must be taken to a clean body opening of the trainee when stretching the arm to the side. Depending on the desired muscle the Rotate may be attached at different heights.