Primary: Chest, Latissimus, Arms, Legs, Abdominals (pectoralis, latissimus, trizeps brachii, abdomini, quadrizeps, iliopsoas)
Secondary: Back (erector spinae)

The Roll-Out is an ideal exercise for the whole abdominal and body tension musculature.
The intensity increases through the higher inclination angle and the stretching of the arms.
This version of the Roll-Out requires a good body-tension and coordination regarding the right use of power.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Standing Rollout One Arm Flexed:

sling-training_Bauch_Standing Roll Out ein Arm gebeugt_1 sling-training_Bauch_Standing Roll Out ein Arm gebeugt_2
Suspension Training Exercise For Abdominals

Starting Position

The body is leaned forward. The arms are lightly flexed and build a right angle with the rump. The palms point downward and the feet are hip width apart.

Final Position

One arm is in extension of the body and is stretched forward up to an angle of 180 degree. The other arm is placed next to the body. The elbow joint is strongly flexed on shoulder level and behind the body. The abdomen is strongly tensed. The weight is on the balls of the feet.

Movement 1

One arm gets stretched up forward. Legs, rump and the stretched arms build one line. The other arm is flexed the elbow is moved behind the body on shoulder level. Just move your body that it does not sag.

Movement 2

The arm that is stretched upward gets lead back, the other arm is stretched in the elbow joint. The tension is kept in the abdomen and the body gets upright again.


Start with a low inclination angle, to get used to the stress. To increase the intensity you can exercise on only one leg. Make sure that you do not overstretch your shoulder joints.