Primary: Chest, Latissimus, Arms, Legs, Abdominals (pectoralis, latissimus, trizeps brachii, abdomini, quadrizeps, iliopsoas)
Secondary: Back (erector spinae)

The exercise One-legged Standing Rollout trains the whole abdominal and body-tension muscles. Lifting up one leg additionally supports the sense of balance.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Standing Rollout One-Legged:

sling-training_Bauch_einbeiniger Standing Roll-Out_1 sling-training_Bauch_einbeiniger Standing Roll-Out_2

Suspension Training Exercise For Core Abdominals

Starting Position

Your body is leaned forwards; your flexed arms are positioned slightly sidewise in front of the body and build a right angle with the rump. Your palms point downwards. One leg is over the bottom. 

Final Position

The arms are in extension of the body up to an angle of 180 degree. The abdomen is strongly tensed. The weight is on the ball of the feet of the supporting leg.

Movement 1

Move your arms over your head until legs, torso and arms build one line. Pay attention to a continuous body tension, to avoid sagging of your body.

Movement 2

Now bring your stretched arms back in front of your body and raise up your upper body.


Start with a low inclination angle, to get used to the stress. You can change the legs any time, as soon as you have reached the starting position. Make sure that you do not overstretch your shoulder joints.