Primary: Legs, Abdominals, Arms (iliopsoas, quadrizeps, ischiocrurale M., gluteus max.)
Secondary: Shoulder, Back (deltoideus, erector spinae)

The Recrunch is a Crunch or Sit-Up in prone position. The entire abdominal and parts of the ischiocrural musculature get stressed. When the hip is lifted up, the abdominal muscles contract.  The body has to balance instabilities which lead to a further muscle stress.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Recrunch on Elbows with Pike:

sling-training_Bauch_Recrunch auf Ellenbogen mit Pike_1 sling-training_Bauch_Recrunch auf Ellenbogen mit Pike_2
Suspension Training Exercise for Abdominals

Starting Position

Depending on the desired intensity the feet or lower legs are hung up in the loops. The body is supported on its elbows and kept in prone position. The abdomen is tensed and the buttocks lightly raised up.

Final Position

The knees are stretched and pulled towards the chest as far as possible. The buttocks is directed upwards and the hip is flexed about 90 degree. Upper body and hip build an arrowhead.

Movement 1

From the body stretching the stretched legs get pulled towards the body or chest. During the motion the lower back (lumbar vertebrae area) gets flexed and the belly button pulled inwards.

Movement 2

From this rolled-up position the legs get slowly moved back. The abdominal muscles remain tensed.


The sharper you form the arrowhead and the more you remove yourself from the suspension point, the more intensive is the exercise.