Primary: Back, Arms (erector spinae, latissimus, bizeps brachii)
Secondary: Shoulder (deltoideus, rhomboideus)

This back- exercise trains the latissimus, which forms the contour of the back very well. Changes in the inclination angle automatically change the stress of the muscles.
In this version of the High Row the arms get differently positioned in the final motion. The exercise requires a high coordination and precision in the use of power. Additionally the arm and shoulder muscles get trained.

The following figures illustrate the exercise High-Row with Different Arm Positions:

sling-training_Rücken_High Row mit unterschiedlichen Armpositionen_1.jpg sling-training_Rücken_High Row mit unterschiedlichen Armpositionen_2.jpg
Suspension Training Exercise For The Back

Starting Position

The upper body is leaned backward and the back is straight. The legs are hip width apart. The arms are stretched in front of the body. The palms point diagonal down forward. The weight is on the heels.

Final Position

The body is straightened up. One elbow is tight on the body flexed about 90 degree and the palm points towards the body. The other arm is on shoulder level, also flexed about 90 degree and the palm points downward

Movement 1

The arms get flexed in the elbow joint, the elbow remains on shoulder level and the palms point downwards. The other elbow is moved along the body with the palms turned inward. Abdomen and back muscles are permanently tensed.

Movement 2

The arms get stretched simultaneously and the upper body is moved back into starting position.


Make sure that your arm movements are executed controlled and clean. Only this way you can improve your coordination.