Primary: Arms, Shoulder, Back (bizeps/trizeps brachii, infra-/supraspinatus, erector spinae, latissimus)
Secondary: Abdominals, Legs (abdomini)

The exercise requires the single mode of the VarioSling. The upper body must be kept under tension. The broad back muscles and additionally smaller muscles get trained very well.

The following figures illustrate the exercise High-Row One-Armed with rotation:

sling-training_Rücken_Low Row einarmig mit Rotation_1.jpg sling-training_Rücken_Low Row einarmig mit Rotation_2.jpg
Suspension Training Exercise For The Back
Starting Position

The feet are hip width apart. The holding arm is flexed; the elbow is tight to the body. The other arm is positioned parallel on the sling and is up in the air. The palms point inward.

Final Position

The knees get lightly flexed and the buttocks are lowered. The upper body is lightly untwisted. The hand on the VarioSling points inwards. The free arm points diagonal back downwards.

Movement 1

The free arm gets stretched and moved backward in a semicircle. The holding arm gets slowly stretched. The upper body is lowered backwards. The knees get lightly flexed and the buttocks are lowered backwards.

Movement 2

The holding arm gets flexed and the body is pulled upwards. The free arm is moved towards the VarioSling in a semicircle.


Try to fix your hip and rotate only in your upper body. The bigger you choose the inclination angle, the more intensive is the exercise.