Primary: Back, Shoulder (erector spinae, trapezius, infra-/supraspinatus, deltoideus)
Secondary: Arms (trizeps brachii, palmarflexoren)

The Long Back Pull is an effective exercise to train the posterior shoulder, the complete back and the arms. Due to the long lever action of the arms, the exercise concerted trains the medial and lower back. This variation does not produce a contraction of the lower back but mobilizes it. The exercise is perfectly suited to relieve the spine.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Long Back Pull, Back Flexed:

sling-training_Rücken_Long Back Pull Rücken gebeugt_1.jpg sling-training_Rücken_Long Back Pull Rücken gebeugt_2.jpg
Suspension Training Exercise For The Back

Starting Position

The arms are stretched up forward and over the head. The palms point forward. The shoulder blades are pulled towards the spine, so that there is a tension in the back. The body is lightly bent back.

Final Position

The knees are flexed in an angle of 90 degree and the back is round. The arms are stretched forward. The weight is on the heels.

Movement 1

The buttocks are moved back downwards by flexing the knee joints. The back gets rounded down and the stretched arms are moved forward in a diagonal position.

Movement 2

The arms get stretched and moved up forwards, so that the body is straightened up with a light support of the ischiocrural muscles.


Keep your legs long and just push the buttocks backward until the lower part of the back gets stretched. Try to use much back musculature. Keep your arms stretched.