Primary: Back, Arms, Shoulder (latissimus, erector spinae, teres maj., trapezius, rhomboideus, deltoideus, bizeps brachii)
Secondary: Legs, Glutes (ischiocrurale M., gluteus max.)

The exercise trains the complete back muscles, both dynamic and static. The inclination angle of the body is crucial for the training stress. The extension of the bend in the hip supports the mobilization in the lumbar vertebrae area.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Low-Row Flexible Hip:

sling-training_Rücken_Low Row Hüfte beweglich_1.jpg sling-training_Rücken_Low Row Hüfte beweglich_2.jpg
Suspension Training Exercise For The Back
Starting Position

The upper body is leaned backwards and the hip is lightly flexed. The arms are stretched and placed diagonal in front of the body. The palms point towards each other. The weight is shifted on both legs.

Final Position

The body is upright. The arms are flexed in the elbows. The elbows are kept tight on the body. The palms point towards each other. The hip is stretched.

Movement 1

The arms get flexed in the elbow joint, the elbows remain tight on the body and the hip gets stretched.

Movement 2

The arms get stretched and the upper body is lowered by a flexion in the hip. The knees remain stretched. The back is getting bent.


Choose a hard ground. The greater the inclination angle is, the more intensive is the exercise.