Primary: Abdominals, Legs (abdomini, iliopsoas, gastrocnemius, ischiocrurale M.)
Secondary: Arms, Shoulder, Back (trizeps brachii, deltoideus, erector spinae, latissimms)

This abdominal exercise requires much force in the core area and is therefore only suitable for
advanced users. The head is located, depending on the intensity, perhaps under the suspension.

sling-training_Bauch_Knee Ab Beetle mit Hände zusammen_1.jpg sling-training_Bauch_Knee Ab Beetle mit Hände zusammen_2.jpg
Suspension Training Exercise for Abdominals

Starting Position

The loops are nearby the elbow. The elbows are bent about 90 degrees and placed below shoulder level. The hands are closed. The upper  body  is  in  the  air  and  forms  a  line  with the legs. The body weight is on the balls and forearms. The navel and the back muscles are tense.

Final Position

The hip is flexed sharply. The knees are slightly bent. The position of the arms is unchanged. The  buttocks  are  raised  and  the  elbows  are next to the knees.

Movement 1

The hip is flexed sharply. The legs are bent and the elbows are pulled to knees. The buttocks are lifted.

Movement 2

The upper body is moved back slowly to the starting position by extension of the hip and tensed abdominal and back muscles.


The further you are away from the suspension, the more intense the abdominal muscle strain.