Primary: Chest, Shoulder, Arms, Abdominals (pectoralis, deltoideus, trizeps brachii, abdomini)
Secondary: Legs (quadrizeps, ischiocrurale M., gluteus max.)

This exercise is performed statically and trains arms, abs and chest muscles. It is ideal for a coordination training, due to the different levels of body instability.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Chest Press Holding, One Leg Raised Backward:

sling-training_Brust_Chest Press halten ein Bein nach hinten heben_2 sling-training_Brust_Chest Press halten ein Bein nach hinten heben_1
Suspension Training Exercises For The Chest 

Holding Position

The upper body is slightly tilted forward while the back is straight. One leg is bent in the air and slightly pulled backwards. The body weight is distributed on the supporting leg and the arms. The arms are slightly bent forward point towards the ground. With palms facing down. The back and abdominal msucles are tensed.



None, because only holding work is performed.



Hold the body tension during the entire movement. The closer you pull your arms together the greater the degrees of instability and therefor the intensity of the exercise.