Primary: Back, Legs (erector spinae, gluteus max., ischiocrurale M.)
Secondary: Shoulder (deltoideus)

This exercise stretches and stresses the great gluteal muscle (Gluteus Maximus) in an optimal way. It requires very much body tension. The exercise requires the single mode of the Variosling.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Lower Back One-Legged:

sling-training_Rücken_Lower Back einbeinig_1.jpg sling-training_Rücken_Lower Back einbeinig_2.jpg
Suspension Training Exercise For The Back

Starting Position

One leg is hung up and stretched in the loop either with the heel or with the lower leg, depending on the desired intensity. The lumbar vertebrae area and the buttocks are clearly lifted off the ground. The free leg is placed above the patella of the “loop-leg”. The shoulder girdle and the head are placed on the bottom. The arms are placed sidewise next to the body as support. Gluteal-, ischiocrural-, and back muscles are tensed.

Final Position

The leg in the loop is flexed in the knee joint about 90 degree. The position of the arms, the upper body and the free leg remain unchanged. 

Movement 1

The free leg is placed with its ankle little above the patella of the other leg. The leg in the loop is so far bent, until a remarkable tension in the gluteal muscles is recognized.

Movement 2

The leg in the loop gets stretched again. The free leg remains on the other leg.


The stronger you pull the knee of the „loop-leg” towards the chest; the more intensive is the stretching in the gluteal muscles.