Primary: Shoulder, Back, Neck (deltoideus, latissimus, trapezius)
Secondary: Abdominals, Arms (abdomini, trizeps brachii, palmarflexoren)

This version of the upper body rotation is very challenging, since the leverages are enhanced.
Abdominal back and neck muscles get trained. The exercise requires the Single Mode of the Variosling

The following figures illustrate the exercise Upper body rotation with stretched arms:

sling-training_Schulter_Oberkörperrotation mit gestreckten Armen_1.jpg sling-training_Schulter_Oberkörperrotation mit gestreckten Armen_2.jpg
Suspension Training Exercise For Shoulder Workout

Starting Position

The upper body is lightly leaned backwards, the feet are hip width apart and the body weight is shifted on the heels. The elbow joints are placed in front of the body and stretched. Both hands hold the grip of the VarioSling.

Final Position

The upper body is upright and turned to one side. Hip and legs remain straight. The arms are stretched aside.

Movement 1

The upper body is straightened to one side by a rotation in the upper body. The arms remain stretched.

Movement 2

By support of the shoulder muscles the arms are bent back in front of the body and the upper body is leaned backwards.


Try to tense your abdominals during the whole motion. You can do this exercise alternating. Keep both arms stretched.