Primary: legs, Glutes (quadrizeps, ischiocrurale M., ab-/adduktoren, sartorius)
Secondary: Back, Arms (latissimus, erector spinae, bizeps brachii, palmarflexoren)

By lifting the stretched legs during the crouch-phase, the abductors get significantly stressed. This exercise is solely performed in a deep crouch. The arms are always stretched.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Crouch Aside with Abduction:

sling-training_Beine_Hocke zur Seite mit Abduktion_1 sling-training_Beine_Hocke zur Seite mit Abduktion_2
Suspension Training Leg Exercises
Starting Position

The weight is shifted on the bent leg. The center of gravity is lightly shifted in direction of the flexed knee. The other leg is stretched. The upper body is upright. The arms are stretched and the palms point to each other.

Final Position

In the final position the stretched leg is raised upwards. The whole weight is on the flexed leg.


Movement 1

The leg that has to be placed outward is lifted and stretched, until the patella has reached hip level. The balance must be kept while the arms are stretched. The lifted leg is placed 50-100cm away from the other leg on the bottom. The weight is shifted on the set leg until a considerable tension in the inner thigh of the stretched leg is recognized.

Movement 2

The stretched leg is controlled moved upwards; thereby the balance must be remained. Then the leg is set down again. During the whole exercise the back remains upright.




The set leg should be maximal flexed in an angle of 90 degree. The longer the stretched leg is kept in the air, the higher is the intensity.