Primary: Legs, Back (gastrocnemius, ischiocrurale M., ab-/adduktoren, erector spinae)
Secondary: Shoulders (deltoideus)

The ischiocrural musculature is significantly involved in the straightening of the hip and the flexion in the knee. Besides of the ischiocrural muscles, the rump muscles get stressed as well.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Ischiocrural with Both Legs:

sling-training_Beine_Ischiocrural_beidbeinig_1 sling-training_Beine_Ischiocrural_beidbeinig_2
Suspension Training Leg Exercises

Starting Position

Depending on the desired intensity, either the thighs or both feet are hung up in the VarioSling.  The legs and the buttocks are lifted in the air. The shoulder blades touch the bottom. The body is completely tensed; the arms are placed on the bottom next to the body.

Final position

The legs are pulled towards the upper body. The feet are at least 30cm away from the suspension point. The knee joints are flexed about an angle of 90 degree. The buttocks and the lower back are lifted clearly off the bottom.

Movement 1

By flexing the knee joints the lower leg / the feet get approximated to the buttocks.

Movement 2

Directly after this, the knee joints get stretched again.


Try to keep your buttocks in the air during the whole exercise. With the help of your arms you can create back pressure, to avoid an alternation. The more you remove yourself from the suspension point, the more intensive the exercise is.