Primary: Legs, Abs (quadriceps, ischiocrurale M., abdomini)
Secondary: Chest, Arms, (pectoralis, tricpes brachii)

This exercise claims the holding force throughout the body besides the front and back of the tight and the lower abdominal muscles.

Variosling-Rotate-Rotating-Kicks-Liegestütz-01-cfr-web Variosling-Rotate-Rotating-Kicks-Liegestütz-02-cfr-web
Sling Training Armübung

Starting Position
The arms are almost straight. The palms are
based on the ground and are shoulder width
apart. The feet are located in the loop and the
entire body is stretched.

Final Position
One leg is lifted back up. The foot of the other
leg is held just above the ground. The upper
body is tense, the movement takes place in the

Movement 1.

One leg is lifted back up. The other leg is lowered down, and must be held just before the
ground contact. The movement is similar to the kicking performed in crawl swimmi

Movement 2.

The movement is performed alternating and thus creates a dynamic movement.

During the entire movement hold the body tension upright. Adjust the speed of the movement
to your capability.