Primary: Legs, Back (quadrizeps, ischiocrurale M., latissimus, erector spinae)
Secondary: Abdominals, Shoulder, Arms, Glutes (abdomini, deltoideus, trizeps/bizeps brachii, gluteus max.)

This exercise mainly trains the abdominal-and ischiocrural muscles. The coordinative demand of this exercise is very high. The exercise requires the Single Mode of the VarioSling.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Lunges with One-Armed Pullover:

exercise Lunges with One-Armed Pullover sling-training_Ganzkörper_Ausfallschritt_mit einarmigen Pullover_1.jpg
Suspension Training Full Body Exercises

Starting Position

In the starting position the upper body is upright and lightly bent forward. One arm is stretched, holds the VarioSling and is placed in front of the body. The other hand is crossed behind the back.

Final Position

The body weight is shifted forward to the offset leg. The kneecap is maximally at toe-level, no fruther. Both knees are bent about 90 degrees. The diagonal arm to the front leg is stretched far up front. The palm facing forward. Shift legs.

Movement 1

The upper body is slowly leaned forward, at the same time the Lunge-leg is placed far in front. The arm that is diagonal to the lunge-leg moves up forward.

Movement 2

Through active downward movement of the stretched and a push upward by the front leg the upper body is led back to the starting position.


Depending on requirement and desired intensity you can upright your body increasingly with the arm-, chest and ischiocrural muscles. Avoid a rotation in the upper body during the backward movement.