Primary: Back, Shoulders (erector spinae, trapezius, infra-/supraspinatus, deltoideus)
Secondary: Arms (triceps, palmar flexors)

The Long Back Pull is an effective exercise to train the posterior shoulder, the entire back and arms. The long lever arm effect of the exercise is targeted at the lower and middle back.

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Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position

Stand frontally to the suspension with the feet hip width apart and the legs almost straight in the knee joint. The exercising arm is stretched forward towards the pulley. The free arm supports by stabilizing the hip.
The PT is on the side of the exercising arm and holds the rope under tension.


Pull the handle with stretched arm above your head. Thereby the back remains straight.
The PT tends the upper body towards the pulley and with it releases the tension. He then raises up again to direct the trainee back to starting position.


The arm is kept straight all the time. Avoid rotation of the upper body.