Primary: Chest, Shoulder (pectoralis major, deltoideus)
Secondary: Legs, Back (gastrocmenius, ischiocrurale M., rhomboideus)

In this exercise, the chest muscle (pectoralis major) is stretched.

The following figure demonstrates the Suspension Training stretching exercise Chest with arms flexed:

sling-training_Stretching_Brust Arme gebeugt_1.jpg
Suspension Training Stretching Exercise
Holding Position

The upper body is leaning slightly forward, the back is straight. The legs are in a slight step position.
The rear leg is straight, the front slightly bent at the knee. Both heels are placed completely.
The arms are bent about 90 degrees, the elbows are at the level of shoulders, palms facing down.


The more you open the chest, the farther you push your upper body forward and
the more intense the stretch. The arms remain always in the same position.