Primary: Chest, Shoulder (pectoralis, deltoideus)
Secondary: Legs, Back (gastrocnemius, ischiocrurale M., rhomboideus)

For this exercise, Chest and front shoulder muscles are optimally stretched.

The following figure demontrates the stretching exercise Chest with arms stretched:

sling-training_Stretching_Brust Arme gestreckt_1
Suspension Training Stretching Exercise

Holding Position

The upper body is upright. The arms are extended to the sides of your body, your elbows are at
shoulder height, palms facing forward and slightly to the floor. The legs are positioned in a step
position. The front leg is slightly bent, the rear leg is straight. The body weight is shifted to the
front leg.


The further you push your upper body forward, the stronger you stretch the shoulder and
chest area.