Primary: Legs (ab-/adductores.)
Secondary: Hip Flexor, Back (iliopsoas, gluteus max., latissimus)

In this exercise all the muscles are stretched, which cause an adduction of the leg. Feel the stretching
in the inner thighs.

The following figure demonstrates the stretching exercise for the inner thigh:

Suspension Training Stretching Exercise

Holding Position

The upper body is upright. The legs are placed much further than shoulder width apart. The body
weight is shifted to the bent leg and the other leg is stretched. The bent arms are in front of your
body, palms facing each other and the VarioSling is tensed.


The further you put your legs apart, the more intense the stretch. Make sure both feet are
always on the ground entirely. Furthermore, you should not surpass the line of the toes
with your knee caps. The upper body is upright. The arms have only a supporting function.