Primary: Back (erector spinae, latissimus)
Secondary: Legs (semitendinosus, semimenbranosus, biceps femoris, iliopsoas, gluteus maximus)

In this exercise the lower and middle back are stretched intensively.

The following figure demonstrates the stretching exercise for the lower back:

sling-training_Stretching_Unterer Rücken_1.jpg
Suspension Training Stretching Exercise

Holding Position

The legs are placed about hip width apart. The knees are bent between 100 and 120 degrees. The
body weight is on your heels. The upper body is a bit tilted forward, the arms are straight and
positioned in the extension of the upper body on an imaginary line. The back is straight and the
palms facing each other. The VarioSling is held under tension.


The further you lower the glutes and the stronger you bend the upper body forward,
the more intense the stretching of the back. Make sure you are not in a „hunchback“ fall,
instead keep your back straight.