Primary: Back (rhomboideus, latissimus)
Secondary: Legs (semitendinosus, semimenbranosus, biceps femoris, iliopsoas, gluteus max)

In this exercise, the majority of the back musculature is stretched perfectly.

The follwoing figure demonstrates the stretching exercise for the upper back:

sling-training_Stretching_Oberer Rücken_1.jpg
Suspension Training Stretching Exercise

Holding Position

The upper body is tilted slightly to the side and the back is straight. The legs are positioned in a
wide step position. The rear leg is bent about 90 degrees, the front at an angle of 100-120 degrees.
The arms are stretched above the head and oriented in the direction of inclination of the upper
body. The palms facing each other and the VarioSling held under tension.


The more you tilt the upper body and the more you bend the back knee, the more intense
the stretch in your back muscles.