Primary: Legs, Glutes (quadrizeps, ischiocrurale M., ab-/adduktoren)
Secondary: Back, Arms (latissimus, teres maj., bizeps brachii, palmarflexoren)

This exercise stresses the thigh stretchers, the posterior thigh muscles and the abductors and adductors. A good sense of balance is required.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Jump to Side:

sling-training_Beine_Jump to Side_1 sling-training_Beine_Jump to Side_2
Suspension Training Leg Exercises
Starting Position

The back is upright and the upper body is lightly bent forward. The arms are stretched. The weight is shifted on one leg, the other one is lifted up. The supporting leg is bent.

Final Position

After the jump the weight is shifted on the other leg, the jump-leg is lifted up. The upper body is straight upright and the arms are stretched. The new supporting leg is lightly flexed.

Movement 1

Due to the jump, the body is moved sidewise (50-100cm) in direction of the lifted leg. The body lands on the previous lifted leg.

Movement 2

After the landing the body gets stabilized and a new jump is executed in the opposite direction.


Always try to keep the Variosling under tension and make sure your body is always tensed. On the one hand the intensity can be defined by a change of the frequency of the leg-changes, on the other hand by a variation of the knee joint angle of the supporting leg.