Primary: Chest, Shoulder, Legs (pectoralis, deltoideus, quadrizeps)
Secondary: Abdominals, Back, Arms, Glutes (abdomini, erector spinae, trizeps brachii, gluteus max.)

The Butterfly is an exercise for the chest muscles and anterior shoulder muscles. The Fly can be combined with a Lunge to get more movement range and loading variability. Thus the weight can be shifted on the front leg.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Lunges with Fly:

sling-training_Ganzkörper_Ausfallschritt_mit FLy_1.jpg sling-training_Ganzkörper_Ausfallschritt_mit FLy_2.jpg
Suspension Training Full Body Exercises

Starting Position

The hands are placed on shoulder level in front of the body. The arms are stretched and the palms point downward. The upper body is lightly leaned forward. 

Final Position

In the final position the Lunge is placed far ahead. The arms are stretched sidewise off the body and arm-, chest and abdominal muscles are tensed. The palms point forward. Both knee joints are flexed.

Movement 1

The upper body is slowly leaned forward. At the same time you do a lunge forward. The arms are slowly moved aside and kept under tension.

Movement 2

The arms are nearly stretched and get bent together in front of the body. The body is moved into the starting position by pushing of the arms and the front leg.


Your body remains stretched during the whole exercise. Only the arms and legs get moved. The lunge is executed in the last part of the arm opening. This relieves the shoulders. The less weight is caught with the leg, the higher is the stress for the arms, shoulder and chest.