Primary: Shoulder, Back, Neck (deltoideus, supra-/infraspinatus, erector spinae, trapezius)
Secondary: Arms, Abdominals (trizpes/bizeps brachii, abdominis)

This exercise trains besides of the shoulder also the trapezius. The lateral hip musculature has to work as well, to maintain the body tension. The exercise requires the Single Mode of the Variosling.

The following figures illustrate the exercise One-Armed Side Lift Stretched:

sling-training_Schulter_einarmiges Seitheben gestreckt_1.jpg sling-training_Schulter_einarmiges Seitheben gestreckt_2.jpg
Suspension Training Exercise For Shoulder Routine

Starting Position

In the starting position the upper body is upright and lightly leaned to one side. The arm on the VarioSling is stretched laterally off the body and builds a right angle with the rump and the palm points forward. The feet are hip width apart. Abdominal and back muscles are tensed.

Final Position

In the final position the arm on the Sling trainer is stretched, remains in a vertical position and the back of the hand points towards the suspension point. The outside knee is lightly flexed and the upper body lightly leaned aside.

Movement 1

The upper body is straightened by raising the stretched arm. The arm should stay stretched.

Movement 2

With eccentric work of the back and shoulder muscles, the upper body is controlled moved back into starting position.


Exercise slowly and make sure to have enough body tension.