Primary: Legs, Abdominals, Chest, Arms (abdomini, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, pectoralis, triceps brachii)
Secondary: Shoulder, Back, Chest (deltoideus, erector spinae, pectoralis)

This exercise belongs to the complex exercises and is only suitable for advanced persons. In a combination the chest-, arm- and abdominal muscles get trained.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Recrunch Push-Up:

sling-training_Bauch_Recrunch Push-Up_1 sling-training_Bauch_Recrunch Push-Up_2
Suspension Training Exercise For Abdominals

Starting Position

Depending on the desired intensity, either both feet or both lower legs are hung up in the loops.   The chest is short over the bottom. The head is lightly raised upward. The abdomen is tensed and the upper body and legs build one straight line.

Final Position

The knees are pulled towards the chest as far as possible and the hip is lightly rotated aside.           The buttocks are directed upwards, the hip is strongly flexed and the lower back is bent.

Movement 1

Starting in the Push-Up position the body gets pushed upwards. As soon as the arms are stretched, the knees get pulled towards the chest.

Movement 2

Then the knees and the hip get slowly stretched again. Afterwards the body is approximated to the ground by flexing the elbow joints.


Try to do both exercises in a flowing change. You can vary the exercise by staggering the hands. The more you remove yourself from the central suspension point, the more intensive the exercise is.