Primary: Legs, Abdominals, Arms (iliopsoas,gluteus max. quadrizeps, ischiocrurale M., trizeps brachii)
Secondary: Shoulder, Back (deltoideus, erector spinae)

The Recrunch is a Crunch or Sit-Up in prone position. The entire abdominal- and parts of the ischiocrural muscles get stressed. This version requires an excellent body tension musculature, to prevent the body from swinging after the rotation. Consequently the exercise is appropriate only for advanced persons. The exercise requires the Single Mode of the Variosling.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Recrunch One-Legged with Rotation:

sling-training_Bauch_Recrunch einbeinig mit Rotation_1 sling-training_Bauch_Recrunch einbeinig mit Rotation_2
Suspension Training Exercise For Abdominals

Starting position

Depending on the desired intensity one foot or lower leg is hung up in the loop. The other leg is in the air and builds a straight line with the rump. The body is supported on its hands and kept in prone position. The abdomen is tensed and the buttocks lightly raised..

Final position

The hip is rotated upwards. The free knee is flexed in an angle of 90 degree and the hip is lightly flexed. The lower leg is fixed in the loop.

Movement 1

The hip is bent and rotated until the upper leg is positioned over the lower leg. The hip is lightly rotated and is lifted upwards.

Movement 2

By a rotation of the hip in the opposite direction, the body is moved back into starting position.


The more you rotate your hip and the more you remove yourself from the suspension point, the more difficult and the stronger are the stretching of the lateral abdominal muscles.