Primary: Legs, abs, arms (abdomini quadriceps, gluteus max., triceps brachii)
Secondary: Shoulder, back (deltoideus, erector spinae)

The Recrunch is a Crunch or Sit-Up in prone position. The entire abdominal- and parts of the ischiocrural muscles get stressed. This exercise is very suitable for an extensive abdominal training. The upper body gets stressed as well, due to the lateral motion; the upper body gets stressed as well. Since the exercise requires the Single Mode of the Variosling, the instability is very high.

These illustrations show the Sling Training exercise Recrunch One Legged Side to Side:

sling-training_Bauch_Recrunch einbeinig Seite zu Seite_1 sling-training_Bauch_Recrunch einbeinig Seite zu Seite_2
Suspension Training Exercise For Abdominals

Starting Position

Depending on the desired intensity one foot or leg is hung up in the loop. The other leg is in the air and builds a straight line with the rump
The body is supported on its hands and kept in prone position. The abdomen is tensed and the buttocks lightly raised up.

Final Position

The tensed body is hold to one side. The buttocks are lightly raised and the body tension is maintained.

Movement 1

The body is moved in one layer to one side by the support of the straight and lateral abdominal muscles. This motion is executed slowly and controlled.

Movement 2

The body is shifted to one side.


The more you remove yourself from the central suspension point, the more intensive the exercise is.