Primary: Chest, Shoulder, Arms, Abdominals, Back (pectoralis, deltoideus, trizeps, abdomini, latissimus)
Secondary: Legs, Calf (quadrizeps, gastrocnemius)

Expand the chest press with the pullover to additionally stressed the large back muscles. Good coordination and balance are very important when doing this exercise.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Chest Press One Hand Pullover:

sling-training_Brust_Chest Press eine Hand Pullover_1.jpg sling-training_Brust_Chest Press eine Hand Pullover_2.jpg
Suspension Training For The Chest

Starting Position

DFeet are hip width side by side, arms stretched forward  and  slightly  bent  and  positioned below  shoulder  height.  With  palms  facing down. The body weight is on the balls of the feed.

Final Position

The  upper  body  is  significantly  leaning  forward with a straight back. An arm is inclined forward  and  upward  and  forms  a  straight line with the upper body. The palm is facing forward. The other arm is bent at the elbow a little more than 90 degrees and is leveled almost at shoulder height. The hand is 25-40 cm at the side of the body. Abdominal and back muscles are tense.

Movement 1

The upper body is moved forward by bending one elbow. Simultaneously, the other arm is stretched out forward and upward.

Movement 2

With extension of the flexed elbow and returning the extended arm in front of the chest, the upper body is brought back into the starting position.


Make sure that the raised arm is permanently stretched or slightly bent, during the return movement to the starting position. This intensely works out the shoulder and back muscles.