Primary: Legs, Chest, Abdominals, Back, Arms (quadrizeps, ischiokurale M., gluteus max., pectoralis maj., abdomini, erector spinae, trizeps brachii)
Secondary: Shoulder (deltoideus)

Besides of the whole ischocrural muscles, this exercise also trains the rump-, chest-, and arm muscles. The exercise requires the Single Mode of the VarioSling.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Lunges with Jump and Push-Up:

sling training Ganzk%C3%B6rper Lunge mit%20Sprung%20und%20Pushup 1

Starting Phase

The upper body is upright, the hands are opened and the palms point to each other. The hands are adjudged in a sprinting position. The arm, whose equilateral leg is in the loop, is flexed in the elbow joints in a degree of 90 degree. One leg is hung up in the loop either with the tibia or the foot.

Movement 1

The leg in the loop is lead backwards, the upper body remains upright.

sling training Ganzk%C3%B6rper Lunge mit%20Sprung%20und%20Pushup 2

Middle Phase

The upper body remains upright during the flight phase. The leg in the loop is tightened up to hip level and the according arm points downward. The previous supporting leg is stretched in the air.  The appropriate arm is lightly flexed and raised upwards.

Movement 2

From this position the supporting leg is stretched explosively, the other knee is pulled parallel up to hip level. The landing is made on the free leg.

sling training Ganzk%C3%B6rper Lunge mit%20Sprung%20und%20Pushup 3

Final Phase

After the flight phase the body is located in the classic Push-Up position. The arms are placed a little bit more than shoulder width apart on the bottom. The body is placed near the bottom and the chest is lowered until it touches the bottom. The head is lightly raised up. The abdomen is tensed and the lower back is raised up as well, to avoid a hollow back.

Movement 3

Now the Push-Up position is adopted. The chest moves towards the bottom by flexing the elbow joints and then upwards by stretching them. During this motion the rump muscles must be tensed all the time. Then the starting position is taken again and the exercise starts once more.

Suspension Training Full Body Exercise


A tidy execution of the „lunge with jump” builds the basis for this combined full body exercise. Depending on the requirement, the jumping height or the distance between the hands can be varied on the Push-Up-position. Avoid a sagging of the hip during the execution of the Push-Up!