Primary: Legs, Back, Shoulder (quadrizeps, ischiocrurale M., latissimus, erector spinae, deltoideus)
Secondary: Abdominals, Arms, Glutes (abdomini, trizeps/bizeps brachii, gluteus max.)

This complex full-body exercise trains besides of the rump muscles also the ischiocrural muscles. Moreover the sense of balance and the coordination get trained.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Lunges with Pullover V-Form:

sling-training_Ganzkörper_Ausfallschritt_Pullover_1.jpg Ganzkörper Ausfallschritt Pullover V-Form 2
Suspension Training Full Body Exercises

Starting Position

In the starting position your body is upright and lightly leaned forward. The arms are stretched and the palms point downward.

Final Position

In the final position the weight is shifted on the leg in front. The patella is maximal placed on the level of the tiptoes. Both knee joints are flexed in an angle of 90 degree. The arms are stretched and in a vertical position (V-form) the palms point forward.

Movement 1

The upper body gets slowly leaned forward, simultaneously; the lunge-leg is placed far in front. The arms move upwards into a vertical position

Movement 2

An active motion of the stretched arms downwards and the squeeze of the lunge-leg raise the upper body back into the starting position.


Depending on requirement and desired intensity you can upright your body increasingly with the chest, shoulder or ischiocrural muscles. Keep your body tension upright during the whole motion. Make sure that you do not overstretch your arm, which means your arms should not move behind your shoulder joints.