Primary: Back, Shoulder, Abdominals (latissiums, erector spinae, deltoideus, abdomini)

Secondary: Legs (quadriceps, ischiocrurale M.)

This exercise can be used for agility training, to strengthen the core and the shoulder area. The back is always straight or is in a light lordosis.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Golf Rotation, Feet staggered one Hand forward:

sling-training_Golfrotation_Füße versetzt, eine Hand nach vorne_1.jpg sling-training_Golfrotation_Füße versetzt, eine Hand nach vorne_2.jpg
Suspension Training Back Exercises

Starting Position

The upper body is upright, the knees are bent at 90 to 120 degrees and the body weight is shifted to the heels. The arms are straight in front of the body and parallel to each other. With palms facing down. Your eyes are focused at the point of suspension.

Final Position

The upper body is wide opened. Your arms are diagonal to each other and neraly form a line with the upper body. Both heels are located approximately on an imaginary line. Your view follows the direction of rotation.

Movement 1

The upper body is turned up, the feet perform the a rotation and the arms are led back until a clear contraction can be felt in the back and shoulder muscles.

Movement 2

Thereafter, the upper body is turned back into the Starting Position and sides are changed.


The more dynamic you perform the exercise, the stronger the mobilizing effect. The longer you stay in the initial or final position, the more intense the stretching.