Primary: Chest, Shoulder, Arms, Abdominals (pectoralis, deltoideus, trizeps brachii, abdomini)
Secondary: Legs, Back (quadrizeps, erector spinae)

This variant of the push-up is only suitable for very advanced users It requires immense body tension and a lot of strength in the chest, shoulder and arm muscles. The exercise is performed in single-handle mode..

The following figures illustrate the exercise Push-up, One Arm Aside:

sling-training_Brust_Push up ein Arm zur Seite_1 sling-training_Brust_Push up ein Arm zur Seite_2
Suspension Training For Chest Workout

Starting Position

The  upper  body  is  stretched  and  lowered. One hand grabs the handle of the VarioSling.The  corresponding  elbow  is  positioned  well behind  the  shoulder. The  palm  facing  backward. Both elbows are bent sharply. The feet are  placed  hip  width  apart. The  entire  torso
and leg muscles are tense.

Final Position

Torso and leg muscles are tense. The arm on VarioSling is extended away to the side, and  builds a line together with the shoulder belt. And the palm of the hand facing downward. The hip is in the air.

Movement 1

The hand with the grip is stretched to the side of the body an maintains for a few seconds in this position.

Movement 2

With the help of the arm, shoulder and chest muscles, the arm is slowly approached to the body.


The exercise becomes more intense the longer you hold the arm in the stretched position.
Avoid dropping off the hip or knees on the floor. Torso and legs are always tensed!