Primary: Shoulder, Back (infra-/supraspinatus, teres min., subscapularis, rhomboideus maj./min.)
Secondary: Abdominals, Arms (abdomini, bizeps brachii)

This exercise combines the training of the rotator cuff and the rhomboids (rhomboidal muscles). They fix the shoulder blades on the thorax. A sign for weak rhomboids is the so called angle-wing, a considerable stick out of the shoulder blades.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Rotation for Rhomboids:

sling-training_Schulter_Rotation für Rhomboideus_1.jpg sling-training_Schulter_Rotation für Rhomboideus_2.jpg
Suspension Training Exercise For Shoulder Workout

Starting Position

The upper body is lightly leaned back and the feet are placed in a stepping stand. The weight is shifted on the back leg. The elbows are flexed in an angle of 90 degree and are placed tight to the body and the palms point to each other.

Final Position

The upper body is upright; the weight is shifted onto both legs. The forearms point diagonal upwards. The shoulder / shoulder blades are pulled down. The elbows are kept close to the body.

Movement 1

The upper body is raised up by an outward rotation of the shoulder joints while the shoulder blades get approximated to each other.

Movement 2

When the forearms move inwards the upper body is leaned back again. The elbow joints do not change their angle during the whole motion.


Keep your elbows tight to the body to train the rotator cuff and the rhomboids in an optimal way. At the beginning choose a neutral inclination angle to prepare your muscles for a higher stress.