Primary: Abdominals, Legs (abdomini, iliopsoas, gastrocnemius, ischiocrurale M.)
Secondary: Arms, Shoulder, Back (trizeps brachii, deltoideus, erector spinae, latissimus)

This abdominal exercise requires a high use of power in the rump area and just fits for advanced persons. The head is, depending on the intensity, under the suspension point.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Knee from Beetle with Arms Apart, Loop near Elbows:

sling-training_Bauch_Knee Ab Beetle mit Hände zusammen_1.jpg sling-training_Bauch_Knee Ab Beetle mit Hände zusammen_2.jpg
Suspension Training Exercise For Abdominals

Starting Position

The loops are placed in near the elbows. The elbow joints are flexed up to 90 degree and placed under shoulder level. The upper body is in the air and builds a line with the legs. The weight is on the ball of the feet and on the forearm. The bellybutton is pulled in and the back musculature is tensed.

Final Position

In the final position the hip is strongly flexed. The knee joints are lightly bent. The angles of the arms do not change. The buttocks are lifted up and the elbows are placed next to the knees.

Movement 1

The hip is strongly flexed. The legs get bent and the elbows are pushed towards the knees. The buttocks are lifted up.

Movement 2

The upper body is pulled into starting position by stretching the hips and a tensed abdominal-, and back musculature.


The more you move yourself away from the suspension point, the more intensive is the exercise for your abdominals. Make sure, that you stand maximally on your ball of the feet in the final position.