Primary: Chest, Shoulder, Arms, Abdominals, Legs (pectoralis, deltoideus, trizeps brachii, abdomini, iliopsoas) 

Secondary: Legs, Calf (quadrizeps, gastrocnemius)

This classic exercise for chest and arms requires tension in the full body. Additionally the abdomen- and leg muscles get stressed as well. Thus a body extension is extremely important.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Chest Press Normal:

sling-training_Brust_Chest Press_1 sling-training_Brust_Chest Press_2
Suspension Training Chest Exercises

Starting Position

Your torso is tended forward, your feet are placed parallel and your arms are stretched down forwards. Your palms point downwards. The weight is on the ball of the feet.

Final Position

In the final position the elbows are flexed about 90 degree and the hands are placed 25-40 cm next to the body. The body is tensed and stretched.

Movement 1

Now flex your arms into your elbow and get your body right next to your hands, while bending down forward.

Movement 2

Stretch your arms in your joints of the elbows to set your body up again.


Flex your arms slowly and pay attention that the stability in the shoulders is maintained. Keep your body tension upright and put your focus on a sufficient abdominal tension. By lifting the arms you reduce the friction of the slings and create a higher instability.