Primary: Arms (bizeps brachii, brachoradialis)
Secondary: Back (erector spinae)

This variant of the biceps exercise trains the biceps muscle very intensively. A high body tension
is required to maintain the balance. Small changes tilt angle have a big impact on the load . The
exercise is performed in single-handle-mode.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Biceps One-Armed:

sling-training_Arme_Bizeps einarmig_1 sling-training_Arme_Bizeps einarmig_2
Suspension Training Arm Exercise

Starting Position

The body is inclined to the rear while one arm
is  stretched  forward. The  palm  is  facing  up.
The other arm is folded behind the back. The
feet are placed shoulder width apart.

Final Position

The  arm  is  bent  at  the  elbow. The  elbow  is
at shoulder height. The palm is facing to the

Movement 1

The arm is bent at the elbow only and the body is straightened. The elbow is constantly at  
about shoulder height.

Movement 2

The arm in the loop gets slightly stretched. The position of the elbow doesn‘t change.


Bend the elbow to cause the maximum contraction! Make sure you maintain the body
tension, so that your upper body does not begin to rotate!