Primary: Chest, Shoulder, Arms, Abdominals (pectoralis, deltoideus, trizeps brachii, abdomini)
Secondary: Legs, Calf (quadrizeps, gastrocnemius)

This classic exercise for chest and arms requires tension in the full body. Additionally the abdominal and ischiocrural muscles get stressed. The focus is on the increased use of the arm stretchers. A good body stability is extremely important.

The following figures illustrate the exercise Chest Press Tight:

sling-training_Brust_Chest Press eng_1 sling-training_Brust_Chest Press eng_2
Suspension Training Chest Exercise

Starting Position

The feet are hip width apart; the arms are stretched forward and placed under shoulder level in front of the body. The palms point to each other. The weight is on the balls of the feet.

Final Position

The elbows are flexed about 90 degree behind the body. The body is stretched and tensed.

Movement 1

Flex your arm in the elbows and move them tight on your body so that your upper body tilts forward. Keep your whole body straightened and tense your abdominals.

Movement 2

Use the power of your arm stretchers to rise up your body again.


Flex your arms slowly and make sure, that the shoulder stability is maintained. Keep the body tension during the whole exercise and put your focus on a sufficient abdominal tension. In the final position you can stand on the balls of your feet to enlarge the stress in your calves.