Primary: Arms (triceps)
Secondary: Shoulders (deltoideus)

The exercise Triceps-Extension trains the arm extensor intensively. Here, the PT must take special care that the elbow is held at shoulder height.

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Sling Training Armübung

Starting Position

Stand in a light step position with the back facing the suspension point. The outer leg is in front, the arm is bend 90° at the elbow. Use the other hand to stabilize the body at the hip.

The PT stands sideways to the exercising arm and is so far away from the anchor point that the handle of the trainee is very close to the pulley. He holds the rope of the Rotate under tension.


The arm is stretched at the elbow. Hand and shoulder are on a line and the palm is facing down. Elbow and shoulder are at one height during the entire movement.

The PT keeps the rope tense. He approaches the pulley slowly and controlled with the handle. By leading back his arm he guides the trainee back into starting position.

The body is kept straight, only the arm bends and extends at the elbow joint.