Primary: Legs, Glutes, Back (quadriceps, gluteus, erector spinae)   
Secondary: Shoulders, Arms (deltoideus, biceps brachii)

The Deadlift is an elementary exercise for the whole body. Many muscles work with the movement. Especially the back extensor are trained here.

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Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position

The feet are about shoulder width apart. Stand frontally to the anchor point with the legs bend at about 90°. Lean the upper body forward and hold the back straight. Both hands hold the handle in front of the body at hip level.

The PT stands sideways to the trainee with slightly bent legs, holding the tension.


The legs get stretched and the body becomes upright. The arms remain stretched.

The PT releases the tension while intercepting the resulting load by going into a squat position. The PT thereafter raises up again and pulls the trainee back to the initial position.


Keep the back straight and slightly extend the hip when rising forward. Do not move the kneecaps over the toes.