Primary: Arms, Chest (triceps brachii, pectoralis)
Secondary: Shoulders, Back (deltoideus, latissimus)

The exercise Triceps-Press mainly trains the arm extensors. The body must compensate for the one-handed movement. A step position increases stability.

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Sling Training Armübung

Starting Position

Start facing the point of suspension. One hand holds the handle of the Rotate in front of the chest. The arm is bent about 90° at the elbow, the upper arm stays close to the body.

The PT stands sideways to the suspension and keeps the rope under tension.


Pull the handle down with your arm stretched.
The upper body remains upright while the back is straight.

The PT is yielding the force by lifting his arm to the side. By leading his arm back to the starting position, he pulls the trainee back as well.


The further the arm is pulled down, the more the latissimus dorsi is involved in this movement.