Primary: Arms (biceps brachii, brachioradialis)
Secondary: Back, Abs (erector spinae, abdomini)

With this form of biceps exercise the arm flexor muscles can be very intensely worked out. The body must compensate for additional instability. This mainly affects the legs, hips and core muscles. Beware of high loads.

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Sling Training Armübung

Starting Position

Take a slight step position with the feet. The body is directed towards the anchor point. Hold the handle of the suspension trainer in extension of the rope, your arm is stretched.

The PT keeps tension on the rope as he bends his arm, or leans back the upper body at higher load.


The arm is bent in the elbow and the hand is pulled up towards the shoulder.

The PT yields the tension on the rope as he stretches his arm, or leans forward the upper body. By bending the arm or shifting the weight to the side, the PT pulls the arm of the trainee back to the starting position.

A rotation of the body can be avoided by finding a suitable step position. The elbow should be bent maximally to achieve a maximum contraction.