Primary: Shoulders, Back (deltoideus, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor))
Secondary: Abs (abdomini, biceps brachii)

The External Rotation exercise trains the rotator cuff. This group is composed of four muscles which are involved in many movements in sports. A training of the rotator cuff can reduce shoulder problems.

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Sling Training Schulterübung

Starting Position

Start facing the anchor point. Feet are hip-width apart. One arm is bent 90° at the elbow which is kept close to the body. The hand points to the suspension point.

The PT stands sideways to the suspension and keeps the Rotate under tension.


While the upper arm is externally rotated and the forearm rotates away from the body, the elbow remains in its position.

The PT gives in the resistance by slowly stretching his arm. By flexing of the arm and displacement of the weight the PT pulls the arm of the trainee back into the initial position.

The body remains stable and the elbow close to the body.