Primary: Shoulders, Back, Neck (deltoideus, trapezius, rectus capitis)
Secondary: Back (erector spinae)

In this exercise the shoulders deltoid muscle is very well trained. Especially the anterior part of the muscle is trained here.

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Sling Training Schulterübung

Starting Position

Start with your feet shoulder-width in direction of the anchor point. One arm holds the handle of the Rotate and is stretched forward so that your down-facing palm is approximately at waist level.

The PT is positioned in a lateral lunge sideways to the trainee. In order to keep the rope tense he leans back slightly.


Move the exercising arm upward until the upper arm is almost straight. The body remains stable.

The PT gives in the tension by tending the upper body towards the suspension. He then pulls the trainee back to the starting position.


The arm is kept straight and the shoulder stable. The body is upright at all times. The movement distance and height can be determined by the height of the attachment point.