Primary: Shoulders (infra-/supraspinatus, pectoralis minor, subscapularis)
Secondary: Abs, Arms (abdomini, biceps brachii)

The Internal Rotation significantly trains the internal rotators of the shoulder joint. Training the rotators, loads should not be too high.

Sling Personal Training für die Schulter Personal Training mit dem VarioSling Rotate für die Schulter
Sling Training Schulterübung

Starting Position

The legs are placed slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Stand sideways to the anchor point. The elbow of the exercising arm is close to the body. The forearm is rotated outward and accordingly shows towards the anchor point.

The PT stands sideways to the suspension and keeps the tension of the Rotate.


The forearm will pull the handle in front of the body just below the chest. The elbow remains close to the body.

The movements of the PT are in opposite direction and order.  Thus the PT then pulls the arm back into the initial position.


The body should be kept straight, so that only the training arm is working.