Primary: Shoulders (deltoideus, supraspinatus)
Secondary: Back, Chest (trapezius, serratus anterior)

The Side or Lateral Raise is an intensive exercise for the shoulder muscles. Here, mainly the lateral part of the deltoid muscle is trained.

Variosling-PT-lap-Seitheben-1-web Variosling-PT-lap-Seitheben-2-web
Sling Training Armübung

Starting Position

Stand sideways to the suspension point with your legs hip-width apart. Your outer hand grabs the handle and holds it in front of your navel with palm facing down. Use the other hand to stabilize the body at the hip.

The PT stands behind the trainee and can adjust false postures well this way.


The exercising arm is laterally stretched upward until the arm is at least at shoulder level. The spine remains straight.

The PT gives in the tension by tending the upper body towards the suspension. By raising his body again, he starts the backward movement.


If the arm is not quite straight, then it is easier to keep the body calm. If the arm is always kept under tension, a maximum effect for muscle growth can be achieved.