Primary: Legs (ischiocrurale, ab-/adductores, gluteus)
Secondary: Abs (abdomini)

The exercise Abduction trains the muscles which pull from hip to leg on the side of your body. The abductor muscles are responsible for stretching the leg laterally.


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Sling Traning Rückenübung

Starting Position
Stand sideways to the anchor point. The foot of the outer leg is in the foot strap. The toe is tightened to the body.
The PT stands behind the trainee while holding the Rotate with his arm which is facing the anchor point.

The leg in the food strap is spread away as far as possible while the weight is shifted to the supporting leg.
The PT releases the tension by going into a squat. With his free arm he can stabilize the trainee if necessary. He pulls back the leg to starting position using the Rotate.

The movement should be slow and controlled. The more the leg is abducted, the more intense the exercise.