Primary: Abs, Chest, Shoulders (pectoralis, abdomini, deltoideus)                                 
Secondary: Back (latissimus dorsi)

This exercise trains both the abs and the pectoral muscles. Due to the rotation, especially the lateral abdominal muscles are trained.

Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position
Lay on your back with the head toward the anchor point. The legs are raised at a right angle. Head and shoulders are slightly raised off the ground. The working arm is stretched behind the head.
The PT is kneeling next to the trainee while holding the rope under tension.

The stretched arm is pulled diagonally across the body to the opposite knee.
Following the PT pulls back the arm of the trainee to the starting position.

The exercising side of the body can also be easily turned inward in order to claim the lateral abdominal muscles stronger.