Primary: Abs, Chest, Back (pectoralis, abdomini, latissimus dorsi, teres major)                   
Secondary: Shoulders, Arms (deltoideus, triceps))

This exercise trains both abdominal and chest muscles very intensively. The upper body
is slightly raised performing the pullover exercise for the abdominals.

Sling Training Rückenübung

Starting Position
In the starting position lay down on the back with the head towards the anchor point. The arms are stretched backwards in extension  of the back while holding the handles of the Rotate. Head and shoulders are slightly lifted of the ground.
The PT is kneeling next to the trainee while holding the rope under tension.

The arms are pulled up by the force of the chest until the hands show up in line of sight.
The PT pulls back the arms of the trainee in order to return to the starting position.

The abdominal muscles are activated more strongly when the belly button is pulled inward while the arms reach for the top..