Primary: Chest, Hip, Abs (pectoralis, iliopsoas, abdomini)
Secondary: Back (latissimus dorsi)

The exercise Pullover lying tighten knees works out the abdominal muscles intensively. Both chest and arms as well as legs create the tension in the abs.

Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position
Lay down on your back with the head toward the anchor point. The legs are stretched with the feet about 5 inches above the ground. Shoulders and head are raised slightly and the arms are stretched backwards besides the ears.
The PT is kneeling next to the trainee and holds the rope under tension.

The arms are pulled up with the force of chest and shoulders. The abdominal muscles lead to a slight raising of the upper body and pull on the legs so that the knees are pulled towards your chest.
The PT guides the trainee back into starting position by pulling the arms back behind the head. Meanwhile the legs get stretched.

The more the belly is rolled in, in the final position, the more intense the abdominal muscles are claimed.